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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Paintings of Greenwich Village and SoHo

A new map and guide has been added to the NYCatelier map directory containing famous paintings depicting well known Greenwich Village and SoHo sceenes and surroundings. This map can be found under the title "paintings" in the main nyc atelier map directory. A suggested walking tour path is also provided, along which the locations that formed the subject matter of some of the famous paintings executed in Greenwich Village by the likes of Edward Hopper, John Sloan, and others, are indicated.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Old Photographs of Greenwich Village

A map to some of the more famous old photographs of Greenwich Village and SoHo, including those by photographer Bernice Abbott, has been added to the nyc atelier map directory. These iconic images illustrate the deep history of the area while showing how some buildings and places have changed dramatically over the last seventy or so years, while others remain virtually frozen in time. The map has thumbnail images available when rolling over the location on the map, and full size images when rolling over the images adjacent to the descriptions below. This map is ideal for use as a walking guide to explore Depression era Greenwich Village.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Famous Authors and Writers in Greenwich Village

A map indicating the past residences, watering holes, and meeting places, of some of the great literary characters that have played a role in the development of Greenwich Village’s history as one of the hotspot locations for authors and writers, has been added to the nyc atelier map directory. This map discusses some of the great literary presences that have walked the village streets over the years, and is a great basis for a self guided literary walking tour of the west village and Greenwich Village in general.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Architect Map West Village & SoHo

The companion map to the Architecture map of Greenwich Village and SoHo has been added to the NYCAtelier site. This map, the Architect map to Greenwich Village and SoHo, highlights the architects of some of the most notable buildings in the area. The map also provides additional information about the architects, as well as a suggested route for a self guided tour of the area.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Architecture Map West Village & SoHo

The Architecture page for the NYCAtelier Map and Guide to Greenwich Village and SoHo has been added. This map highlights some of the architectural treasures that have been built in the West Village and SoHo over the last two hundred years. Along with descriptions and locations, the map highlights a suggested route for a self guided walking tour that can be taken at your leisure. This map can also be used with the intended sister map, the map and guide to architects in the West Village and SoHo.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NYC Atelier Map Released

The new edition of the NYCAtelier Map and Guide to Greenwich Village and SoHo has been released, and can be reached from the nycatelier home page. This new map and guide is a great way to create custom walking tours of the area. By selecting one of many different special interests the custom map engages the viewer by locating important points of interest as well as suggested walking routes and informational text regarding each location. The map series is also geared to be printed, and thus taken with the user as a map and guide to the area, custom tailored to that persons interest.

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Art and the financial fallout

As the city continues it's course into the unknown, it's interesting to think of those who are apt to suffer from the fallout, and yet had little to due with the causes of the current situation. Organizations that could not have been more removed from the fiscal irresponsibility of entities lending and borrowing money they could not afford to do, are going to be impacted dramatically as the belt continues to tighten. Museums, art galleries, theatres, and the like, will see their funding from institutions and private sector individuals all but disappear as those responsible reassess their financial situation. It is all but certain that public and private galleries that have depended on funding from institutions based in the city will see their funding cut dramatically or disappear altogether.

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